v0.0.11 of Toggle

Switches between differently typed input-groups each time its selector value changes from false to true. This is caused by a increse greater than .5 in the selector value.

By default it outputs group A.

At the first change from false to true the toggle will switch to group B. Then the selector value has to become false again before it will be able to switch back to group A on the next true input.


Input/Output Description Data Type
>selector Switches the outputted input-group on each true-phase decimal
>sample_a Input-group A (default) decimal
>string_a string
>color_a colorcode
>part_a part
>sample_b Input-group B decimal
>string_b string
>color_b colorcode
>part_b part
<sample The output value of each input-group decimal
<string string
<color colorcode
<part part

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